Have a book or bible in need of repair?  This bookbinder has you covered!

Click on this Book Repair link for more information on our book repair services.  We are also well known for our bible repair services.  Click on this bible restoration link for "before" and "after" photos

Custom bookbinding projects:  What can we create for you?

Using our bookbindery techniques, we can turn loose pages into one of a kind keepsake albums, retirement gifts, 50th wedding anniversary gifts and other custom books and albums.  Virtually any printed design, including special dedication pages, logos or graphic art can be incorporated into a project.  Customers have extraordinary flexibility in creating their own personalized projects.

Here are some images how we made a beautiful custom album for a customer who asked us to make a book of her child's art and school work.  The video of the process is at Childrens Art Preserved.  This is just an example of the process so you can see some of the steps involved in bookbinding. 

Steps in a bookbinding process:  

Hand stitching album pages hydraulic cutter
This is a custom bindery project that required hand sewing of pages. There are different methods of binding.
Pages are trimmed in the hydraulic cutter.  This cutter can apply up to 10,000 lbs per square inch of pressure for a uniform cut with a sharp blade.
Trimming the project inserting a dedication page into an album
After the cut, the trimmings are removed.  Sides will be trimmed. Special dedication page containing title and personal message that can be printed and bound into an album.
Hand trimming leather applying glue
Leather cover trimmed to size.  There are many types of coverings available for albums and books.  Just ask! Industial adhesive being applied using special machine for even application.
hand work on the album foil machine
Our custom albums are hand made, not by a cookie cutter machine.  This means our albums have a great look and feel.
The foil machine can be fitted with a special custom die of a logo or a signature.
applying foil to the cover of the album foil signature
The machine is prepared to stamp the silver foil. A beautiful child's signature is reproduced on the album!

Custom childrens album with foil signature  Nice!

We can use our binding process on virtually any other collection of photos, drawings and writings.  We can create fabulous retirement gifts combining pictures with paper products into an album. 

Need help with some ideas?  Give us a call or come down to our Houston Heights store and see our book bindery in action!  We are here to help. 

Custom Book Binding Available!

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