Book Repair

Book Repair:

We are full service bookbinders.  We can restore your worn book or family heirloom and make it usable again.  Give us a call as we reasonably repair and bind:

    • Wedding Albums
    • Year Books
    • Medical & Legal
    • Journals
    • Corporate Documents
    • Music Scores
    • Scripts
    • Legal
    • Family Histories
    • Genealogies

Let us show you what we can do for you!

All Book repair and custom projects are unique for each item and there may be several options available to complete.  Please tell our staff what you are trying to accomplish with the book restoration and any original components you do not want restored or changed.  Our general process is as follows:

1.    Remove old existing cover and replace with a new cover unless otherwise requested;
2.    Take existing pages and align. 
3.    Clean (trim) existing page edges to give book or bible newer fresh look.  If you do not want this process done, let us know in advance.  Some books or bibles such as historical items should not be trimmed if it may affect the items market value.   Another reason not to clean the edges would be for gilded pages.  The cleaning would permanently remove the gilding.  We do not replace gilding.  However, most of our customers prefer to have the edges cleaned as it complements the new cover. You may not want this process if, for example, your bible is an antique and you want to retain the look of the original edges. 
4.    All pages are re-stitched together.
5.    New headbands and “sizing” are applied to the binding edge.  Sizing is also referred to as “crash” or “super”.  It’s the material that binds the pages together. 
6.    The existing pages are cased into the new cover. 

We have beautiful covers. Get creative and bind all of those magazine issues you have been collecting for several years.  We can turn treasured correspondence into a bound journal that you can be proud to display. 

We have a wide selection of materials to choose from.  Whether your choice is natural leather (starting at $150.00) bonded leather (starting at $85.00) or linens and canvases, we got you "covered".  Call us today for your free estimate or come by our production facility and showroom in Houston Texas.

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