Childrens Art Preserved

When your children bring their "work" home for you to see, is the work being tossed into a folder or placed in an attic?  What happens to these writings and drawings?

Many parents have paper collections without a way to showcase or preserve them.  We have come up with a great solution using our book binding skills and some machine tools like a hydraulic cutter and foil stamping machine to uniquely preserve and showcase writings, drawings and other collections.  This video is an example how we created a fabulous custom children's album with a custom silver foil stamped signature on the cover. 

Preserve your family history!  Get those drawings and works organized and bound.  Years from now, these works will still be enjoyed in a memorable keepsake book with a special dedication page in the front. 

Call us today for your free estimate or come by our production facility and showroom in Houston Texas.

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