Bible rebinding extends the life of a cherished Bible with a NEW cover

Rebind Bibles by selecting from our large selection of leathers and materials

Bible rebinding looks great in beautiful and durable goatskins, cow plonge leathers, exotics, bonded leathers and more!

Rebinding Bibles in Goatskin

Bible rebind with the finest vegetable tanned goatskin in the world sourced directly from Nigeria.  We recommend new covers in Sokoto or River Grain Goatskin for durability and a better hot foil stamping surface. Click on photos for larger images.

Sokoto Goatskin

River Grain Goatskin

Rebinding Bibles in Cowhide

A bible rebind in a cowhide plonge is a great choice for new leather covers.  Strong and elegant with a lusciously soft feel.

Cowhide Plonge Selections

Metalic Cowhide Plonge Selections

Click for larger images.  To learn more about how we can personalize your Bible with a name or image, go to our Bible personalization page.

Rebinding Bibles in Exotic Skins

We have worked with numerous exotic skins for Bible rebinding and other custom projects, including python, crocodile, specialty goatskin, alligator, deer, ostrich, lizard, stingray, and zebra.  We can source them, or if you have an exotic skin that you want to use, please let us know!

Bible Rebind in Faux Skins

We have other skins that are "faux skins" that look like snake, python, crocodile, lizard, zebra and more.  Click to enlarge.

Bible Rebind in Bonded Leather

Our bonded leathers are a great choice for Bible rebinding because they look, feel and smell like genuine leather at a lesser cost.  This is because they are tannery made by a manufacturer producing this product on the same equipment as their genuine leather. The cowhide fibers used to make bonded leathers are from the tanning process when hides are brought to a uniform thickness. The fibers bond with natural latex on unique machinery. As a result, the products are soft and smooth with a true fine leather aroma.  Many of our clients rebind Bibles with these products as the new cover materials.

Colors and textures are virtually unlimited.  Our bonded leather is among the very best in the industry and is an excellent less expensive option for our customers when Bible rebinding with a new cover.

Click for a larger view of our selections.

Please note that for some Bible rebinding projects, we recommend goatskin or genuine leathers for the outside cover.  This is especially recommended for flexible study Bibles, because these leathers are more durable and desirable when a Bible is traveling or is subjected to repeated use.

Customers love this product for their Bible rebinds, especially with a hardcover.  How a customer intends to use their Bible is a consideration of selecting the type of new cover material.  Please note that bonded leather can be damaged if exposed to excessive direct sunlight and/or excessive heat.

Bible Rebind with love and a new cover: A Photo Gallery

Rebind Bible Options and Extras to consider

What do you want with your Bible rebinding service?

  • Hard or flex cover?
  • Cover material:  There is an option to upgrade to beautiful and durable goatskins and cow plonge leathers (recommended).
  • Satin page marker ribbons:  Customer selects color(s) and the number of ribbons is dependent on the thickness of the book block.
  • Foil Stamping and Debossing Options to personalize:  Foil Stamp or deboss on the cover or Spine text, names or images.  For more information, see our Bible Personalization page.
  • Spine bands and Rule lines: Add character and dimension.
  • Marriage, Birth and Death genealogy inserts:  We have beautiful genealogy pages.
  • Upgrade End sheets:  We recommend upgrading to a coordinating bonded leather for all study bibles as bonded leather is more durable than the cover stock paper.  See other options.  We can also replicate damaged original sheets.
  • Torn or damaged interior pages:  We can repair bent corners, torn and damaged interior pages.  For more information, see Page Repair.
  • Missing pages or text:  We can recreate portions of missing text or pages.

ASK the Bookbinder:

What are the most common additions to consider when rebinding Bibles?

The answer to the question really depends on your usage and budget.  However, if you are looking for a recommendation for a Bible rebind, we suggest:

  1. Upgrade to Goatskin exterior cover:  Nothing beats the feel and texture when you rebind Bibles in Sokoto Goatskin.
  2. Get an upgraded bonded leather or custom end sheet upgrade:  Its a reasonably priced upgrade that we believe has better durability than the standard cover stock paper.  Bible rebinds look great with the Goatskin or Cowhide Plonge materials.  We have a great selection of leather sheets found in the picture below.  For more custom sheets, please go to our Options and Extras page and click the link for #7 End Sheets.

Bible Rebind service restores Bible functionality

Our bookbinders will typically perform the following tasks and steps for Bible rebinding to include a new cover:

  • Carefully removes the old cover from the book block.
  • Meticulously cleans the binding edge of the block, and removes the old glue
  • Repairs pages (if the customer has elected these services)
  • Inserts any repaired or new pages into the book block.
  • Hand sews and/or reinforces the block
  • Attaches end sheets
  • Trims pages (in the discretion of bookbinder or if requested)
  • Sets block in job backer machine and plies edge by hand
  • Installs ribbon book markers (if requested)
  • Attaches new headbands and applies "super" (a linen type of gauze material) to the binding edge.
  • Builds by hand a new cover based on the dimensions of the block.
  • "Cases in" the book block into cover.
  • Positions the newly covered Bible into one or more book presses for pressing


"I couldn't wait to show my Bible to my family today. It is so beautiful since you remade it. I cried when I got in the car and looked through it. It is exactly what I wanted.  Thank you so much"  



"I only echo the other testimonials that I see here. My mother's Dickson Bible (her old one) was in my sister's garage after Mother passed away, and I asked her what she was going to do with it (it was in terrible condition...don't know how long it had been in the garage, moved around several times with my sister's family, and generally, neglected, and abused.)

I had heard of Bella Becho through a friend and I called and set up an appointment to send my mother's Bible to them to see if it could be restored (made into a useable condition.) I sent it in, and though, it wasn't cheap, I wanted it done. When I received it back, I as amazed at the transformation! I am using it now in my studies and reading.
Thank you Bella Becho for your outstanding work!!!"

Gary Ford

NOT just another Bible to the folks at Bella Becho

"Nicely done. My wife's father's Bible had seen a lot of miles but the fine folks at B-B were able to restore it to like new condition on the outside, while maintaining his comments and notes on the well-worn pages of the inside. Thanks to Debra, Gina, and everyone else for being such artisans."

Steve Keyes

Beautiful Work!

"My well worn Bible was completely falling apart when I sent it in. Anything they would have done would have been an improvement.  I received my Bible back last week and I can't express to you how it looks....absolutely beautiful! The restoration work is amazing. Please don't hesitate to send this company anything you might need will be glad you did!"

Glenna Herring, Lawton, Oklahoma


"Could not be happier with the craftsmanship in the restoration of my well worn Bible. Thanks for such beautiful work!!"

Michael Meagher

Catholic Missal Bible

"This place is amazing!!! I had my aunt give me a Catholic Missal that my great-grandmother owned that was half in Latin and half in English. I'm the only person in my family that is Catholic. It was in very rough shape.

The lady who must own the company was so sweet and nice to me. She appreciated the history behind the book. They grafted my old cover on top of a new cover and integrated everything. It is amazing and I am so appreciate of everything they did and how helpful and how knowledgeable they are...They're an amazing story with amazing people who work for them. Thank you Bella Becho for saving my Catholic Missal from 1950!"

Tommy Huebner

Personalize your Bible

Hot foil stamp names, text or images.  We have "in-house" images or create your own custom die stamps.

Need Restoration?
Bible Restoration to replace missing Family Bible spine (Barton)

Our Bible Restoration service can save exterior covers and spines, even those with significant damage