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Book repair and book rebinding can save books and albums with sentimental, educational and historical value

Our bookbindery has years of experience in book restoration, book repair and page mending

Children's Book Repair

Cookbook Restoration

Diary Repair

Diaries can be saved and repaired

Musical Score Repair

Damaged Musical Score in need of repair

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous Journal Repair

We also repair Medical and Legal books, Journals, Family Histories, Scripts, Corporate Documents and any other type of book compilation.

What is the difference between Book Repair and Book Rebinding?

Book Repair

"Book Repair" is our service to save all or part of an ORIGINAL cover or spine.

The Book Repair process is nearly identical to our Bible Repair page.   On that page, you can see how we use several bookbinding techniques to reattach torn covers and spines.  We use a "reattachment", "well" and other bookbinding methods.  To learn how our bookbinders restore the book functionality and the tasks that are performed for a book repair, please see the Bible Repair page.

Book Rebinding

"Book Rebinding" is our service that replaces an existing cover with a NEW cover.

The Book Rebinding process is nearly identical to our Bible Rebinding page.  All books also go through our bookbinder checklist to restore book functionality.  This checklist is similar to "Our Bible Rebinding service restores the Bible's functionality" section that can be found on our Bible Rebinding page.

We have a large selection of beautiful and durable goatskins, sheepskins and cow plonge leathers as available upgrades.  Standard book rebinding material is bonded leather.

NEW covers mean more opportunity to personalize your book with foil stamping options, including names, text, and images.

When you send your damaged book to us, we perform our multi-point inspection to understand the condition of the book.  One of our staff will contact you to discuss the type of book repair you want, along with our bookbinder's recommendations.

Options and Extras. We can help you decide... call us at 713-880-8294

We have options and extra services to complement our Book Repair and Book Rebinding services.  We intend to discuss these with you when we have our consultation.  We encourage you to explore the Options and Extras page which goes into more detail about these items.

This is a general summary of most of the options and extras that would normally apply to a book rebinding or repair:

  • Upgrade cover materials:  Our standard rebinding service material is with a high quality bonded leather.  We also have a large selection of goatskin and leathers.
  • Ribbon book markers:  Customer selects color(s) and the number of ribbons is dependent on the thickness of the book block.  Plenty of colors to choose.
  • Foil Stamping Options to personalize:  There are numerous ways to personalize.  We have gold, silver, copper and gunmetal foils.  Click for more information on Foil Stamping.
  • Spine bands: Raised bands add character and dimension.
  • Page inserts:  We have dedication pages and genealogy pages.
  • End sheets:  Standard repair comes with ivory, white or black stock paper.  We recommend reviewing our upgrade options. We can recreate end sheets using computer technology and graphic design.
  • Ripped or damaged interior pages:  Any corners that are bent? ("dog ears").  Any ripped pages? Repairing torn or damaged interior pages in Page Repair.
  • Missing pages:  If missing pages, we typically can recreate and duplicate these pages under our Research and Replace service.

If any of the choices seem overwhelming, just give us a call.  We are here to help.


"...thank you for sending the links for the optimized files for the book. They look very good and the rebinding job on the physical book is superb. The owner of the book will be pleased. I'm very satisfied and enjoyed working with you and your staff on this project." Mary

Can a repair affect the market value of my Book or Bible?

There are times when a repair, restoration or rebinding could negatively affect the market value of a rare or historical book or Bible. Click to Learn more

Let's work together

If you need bookbinding or have a creative project in mind, and want to discuss with our staff, Click on the link below to get started and upload files to us so we can discuss your project in a consultation.  


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