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Children Book Repair preserves treasured and memorable Children's Books

Our Children book repair saves older children's books with torn covers and broken spines

Children book repair by saving sentimental children's books is what we do best. Most often we can save these children's book covers and restore them so you can pass these treasures to your family. The photos below are examples where we have been able to save the covers.  We typically use a "Splice" or a "Well" method to save original covers for children's books and Bibles.  Therefore, for more information on these techniques please see Bible Repair for more detail

Replacing missing spine images using graphic design techniques for Children Book Repair

This Three Musketeers book was missing all of the graphic art on the spine.   We used graphic design and recreated the cover and printed on paper and then applied a protective laminate.  The bookbinder then cased in the original book block with all of its original "scrabbles", drawings and crayon marks.

Favorite children book repair with a new cover

Sometimes, customers prefer to have a fresh clean look to their favorite children's books and going with a new cover is an excellent solution.  Below are some Children's books where we created new covers.  Because new cover options are similar to our Bible Rebinding service, customers are encouraged to see our process under Bible Rebinding and to look at foil stamping options.

Children's Books get new covers

In the children's book "Stories that Never Grow Old", it did not have a cover, so we created one and in collaboration with the customer selected this blue bonded leather cover and customized it with foil stamping in gold.

The Paddle to the Sea cover was so damaged that a new one had to be made.  We used graphic design and created new dies and a new cover.  The dies are shown below the new cover.

The "Shirley Temple's Storybook" needed a new cover with a fresh look and we accentuated the new cover with matching satin ribbon page markers.

Digitally create new dust jackets from book covers using Synthetic "paper" products that are waterproof and tear resistant

Our supplier advertises this product as "synthetic paper" that's waterproof and doesn't tear.  The perfect application is a children's dust jacket.  Here, we were able to replicate using graphic design skills and print out a new synthetic cover from an existing torn cover.

Recreate missing portions of dust jackets for books

Some covers come to us damaged and need graphic design work to recreate the missing portions of the dust jacket.  In the first photo of the "Island Stallion", a substantial amount of the bottom jacket was entirely missing.  We recreated it and reprinted.

On the Ayn Rand book, the paper jacket was torn and partially missing.  We were able to recreate the missing part of the jacket and reprint for our happy customer.

Other examples of new covers with foil stamping

A few of the titles of Children's Books we have repaired

  • The Big Book of Mother Goose
  • Land of Oz
  • Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
  • Speedy in Oz
  • Ozma of Oz
  • Three Musketeers
  • Night Before Christmas
  • Caroline
  • Pinocchio
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  • Green Book of Fairy Tales
  • Anderson’s Fairy Tales
  • Stories that Never Grow Old
Babies love children's books
Babies love children's books
  • Marjorie’s Maytime
  • Das Bunte Buch
  • Mammoth Book
  • Poetry with Pictures
  • The Fairy Tale Book
  • The Golden Bible
  • H.G. Wells: A Short History of the World
  • Charles Dickens: The Life of Our Lord
  • The Crusades
  • Shirley Temple’s Storybook
  • Children of the White House
  • The Island Stallion
  • A Wonder Book

Children's Christmas Books

Baby memory books

More Children's books


"...thank you for sending the links for the optimized files for the book. They look very good and the rebinding job on the physical book is superb. The owner of the book will be pleased. I'm very satisfied and enjoyed working with you and your staff on this project." Mary 


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