Our cookbook restoration saves vintage cookbooks with torn covers and broken spines using modern technology

Bookbinding techniques to repair and restore cookbooks

"Splice" method joins the cover with a new spine

When there is no spine whatsoever, the bookbinder must create a new one and then reattach the cover by splicing.  The "Joy of Cooking" cookbooks can be repaired with or without satin page markers.  The first photo shows the repaired cookbook without page markers and the second photo with page markers.

"Well" method saves portions of the cookbook original cover

Another way to save cookbook original covers is the "well" method.  The bookbinder may determine that the original cover is too thin or that the edges are too damaged to use the splice method.  The bookbinder will create a new spine and cover from scratch with the cover will have a recessed face area that accepts a portion of the original cover.  Most often the original cover is seated flush into the new cover as well.  The "well" method is further discussed in Options and Extras for more detail. The results are beautiful.

Rebinding the cookbook with a NEW cover and using hot foil stamping

When cookbook covers are so severely damaged, customers often want a fresh new look.  We have a large selection of materials to take your existing cookbook "book block" and give it a new cover.

A new cover has its advantages.  Most often a new cover allows customers to personalize the cookbook by hot foil stamping a name, title, a logo or another image.

To learn more about foiling options, please see our hot foil stamping page.

Converting GBC or spiral cookbooks to new covers with foil stamping

The first two cookbooks below were thin paperbacks which were converted from GBC cookbooks into hardback books with new covers.  The last photo is an entirely new cover.

Hot Foil Stamping Options with new spines

This Betty Crocker Cookbook spine was missing and after the bookbinder created a new one, the bookbinder used foil stamping to create the words on the spine.

Repairing Cookbook Binders

This Betty Crocker cookbook was falling apart.  Our customer wanted to save as much as the original cookbook as possible.  Our bookbinder reshaped the spine and cover and restored the cookbook's functionality.

Recreating cookbook cover art with graphic design and computer technology

Some cookbook covers have art that wraps around onto a spine but is now damaged.  We have the experience to use graphic design and recreate the entire cover and print it on paper and use a thin laminate to protect the cover.  Amazing!

Graphic design to remake torn or damaged cookbook pages and endsheets

Some original covers and end sheets come to us so damaged that graphic design work is necessary to replicate art end sheets. In the examples to the right, we were able to recreate the missing parts of the end sheets and reprint.

Page repair available for cookbooks

We repair and mend pages for all types of books, including cookbooks.  In the left example, we also created a new cover.  The example on the right shows an economical solution for repairing pages by inserting them into plastic page holders and we created a special ringed binder with a customer's name in gold hot foil.  For more examples on how we mend and repair torn pages please see our Page Repair page.

Additional Cookbook repairs


"...thank you for sending the links for the optimized files for the book. They look very good and the rebinding job on the physical book is superb. The owner of the book will be pleased. I'm very satisfied and enjoyed working with you and your staff on this project." Mary