Endsheets are the pages at the beginning and end of a book.  They are used to glue the book block to the hardcover of the book.

All of our repairs and restorations come with new end sheets in ivory, white or black cover stock.   Our bookbinders will coordinate the best matching color.

Available End Sheet Options

Most customers prefer to upgrade their end sheet selections while they are repairing or creating a new book.  We can help you with your selection.  Definitely worth a look.

Bonded Leather End Sheets

If you select a bonded leather option, our bookbinder will select the best match in the bookbinder's discretion.  If you want to be part of that decision, please let us know.  We recommend upgrading to one of our coordinating bonded leathers for all study bibles as our bonded leather is more durable than the cover stock paper.

Bonded leather (coordinated by bookbinder) $36.00/$72.00

Silk Moire and Aged Parchment

Our Silk Moire selection is a great choice for replacing wedding album end sheets or if you are wanting a more elegant look to your family bible or other books.

Aged Parchment is a customer favorite because it is a lower-cost alternative than a bonded leather and looks great.  Click on each tab to explore.


Click the purple tab to expand the selection. 

Silk Moire $76.00

Aged Parchment $15.00

Beautiful Patterned End sheets

We offer a large selection of beautiful pattern end sheets.  We have them grouped as Feathered, Marble, and Floral. Click on each tab to see which design you prefer.


Click the purple tab to expand the selection.  

Feathered $45.00

Marble $45.00

Floral $45.00

Cookbook Patterned End sheets

If you want to create a cookbook we have special end sheets we can offer to match.

Cookbook $45.00

Replicate and Reprint Pictorial endsheets using graphic design

Pictorial art end sheets that are torn and damaged can be replicated using graphic design techniques and technology.

The first image shows an interior pictorial end sheet that is severely damaged.  Large portions of the edge are missing.  We scanned the images and using graphic design software and were able to clean up the images and remove the appearance of tears.  We also "filled in" the missing portion of the image.

The second picture shows the cookbook with the new end sheet.  We can recreate missing parts of an end sheet and reprint.  If you have end sheets that are taped or ripped, we can use the same process.  Technology and bookbinding together!

Replicate old pictorial end sheets (Call for price)

Religious Imagery End sheets

Some customers have asked us about end sheets with religious imagery.  Here are some examples of what we can do.

Religious Imagery (Call for Price)


"I am really satisfied with the job that Bella Becho did on our vintage family Bible. The Bible was falling apart and seemed very fragile. Once the job was completed, I was no longer afraid that it would turn to dust in my hands. The rebinding process was worth it to preserve a part of our family history. You can now turn the pages without fear!"  Karen Attaway