Hot Foil Stamping and "Blind" Debossing

Foil stamping and blind debossing to add names, text and images to any project.

A. What is hot foil stamping and blind debossing?

Hot Foil Stamping is the application of metallic foil on to a solid surface by application of a heated die onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface below the design of the die.  Foil stamping is a permanent process.

Here is an example of a commemorative book with a corporate logo and text foil stamped in silver foil.  We created a custom die to create this image.

Blind debossing at Bella Becho uses a similar process to hot foil stamping but does not involve the use of foils.  Therefore, the hot die is pressed into the surface below the die, leaving a recess in the design of the die.  The blind debossing process provides a clean and distinctive or subtle image

B. Foil Color Options

We have numerous color foils available.  Most people work with gold and silver, but we have hot foil stamped many different types of colors.

C. "In-house" Fonts

Large selection of our standard "in-house" fonts.  The diagram below shows the size and type of font.  Spine fonts depend on the size of the spine and the direction of the foiling whether it is horizontal or vertical.

We can assist with your font selection during our consultation (after we have received your project).

These fonts are shown in gold foil.  Stamping can be done in many other foil colors or blind debossed.  a font with a number "23" indicates that numerals are also available for that font.

If you have your own font or would like to make something special, we can also create a custom die to stamp names and text.  If you have questions, please consult our staff.

fonts for foil stamping in any color

Name or Text (foil stamped or blind debossed)

$12.00 per line*
  • Foil stamp name or text on front cover, spine and other locations
  • Gold, Silver, Copper, Gun Metal and many other foil colors available
  • *with purchase of "Make a Book", Rebinding, Restoration or Repair services
  • $28.00 per line as a stand alone service (See us for details)

D. Foil stamping options for Front Covers

D1. Names and Text

Foil stamp any front cover with in house fonts.  Click to see our beautiful text fonts.  Personalize retirement books, commemorative books or any Bible with a name.  Click photo to enlarge image.

D2. Decorative Images with Foil

Custom foil stamping is available!  Our team can help create a custom metal die using photos or other drawings and make it come to life on the cover of a project.

We can assist with the design and vector the art. Many sizes available. The detail in the dies is amazing and can make your project stand out.

D3. Family Crests or Crosses

Family crests and custom crosses can be scanned and replicated and turned into dies for reproduction. We can create a custom die for a family crest from another image.  Works great with gold foil stamping or for a more subtle look, we can stamp the image "blind".  Give us a call for pricing!

D4. Foil stamping with Custom Dies for a personal messages

Foil stamping personal messages or scripture is easy with a custom metal die.  These custom dies provide you the ability to foil stamp multiple lines and small images together in virtually any font and size.  This is a great alternative to regular in house font dies.  Get the look you want!

Commemorative text on back cover made with die
Commemorative text on back cover made with die

There are many instances when creating a custom die for your name or text is a better solution instead of using "in-house" fonts.

Custom die benefits:

  • Get the font size and style the way you want it.
  • Virtually replicate existing text size and style from an existing book or Bible.  We can make it like it used to be.
  • Cost effective way to stamp numerous lines
  • Resolves any tight spacing concerns with "in house" fonts
Customer wanted a special dedication. We created a die and foil stamped the fly sheet
Hot foil stamping interior flysheets

E. Foil stamping options for Spines

Gold foil stamp spine titles, names and dates. Select from our in-house fonts or create your own custom die.  Let us show you how!

E1. Names and Text

E2. Rule Lines ("in-house") and Decorative rule lines for beautiful foil stamping options

Adding rule lines with foil stamping or blind debossing adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. We have many ways where we can assist in creating a visually appealing and customized appearance.

Rule lines make projects stand out on a shelf. It is common to add rule lines to a spine in the creation of high-end editions.  We offer a large selection of "in house" rule line options that can be stamped in foil or for a more subtle appearance, we can just impress the spine with the die to leave a pattern.

Bibles with blind deboss rule lines, foiled rule lines and spine bands

These three Bibles illustrate some options. The top grey Bible has blind debossed rule lines that "frame" the Holy Bible stamp.  Very subtle.  The middle Bible is an example of using foiling for decorative rule lines that stand out.  The Bible with the cross has spine bands that are raised ribs on the spine with blind debossed lines above and below each band.

We have a large selection of distinctive decorative rule line dies that are beautiful additions to the spine of any project.  These patterns can be foil stamped or blind debossed.

Decorative Rule Line Options

Decorative rule line options
Decorative rule line options

Rule Lines

$26.00 per line*
  • Foil stamp or blind emboss lines on spines
  • Gold, Silver, Copper, Gun Metal and many other foil colors available
  • Large selection of beautiful decorative line types
  • Bookbinder discretion on number, thickness and location
  • *with purchase of "Make a Book", Rebinding, Restoration or Repair services. Larger projects may be additional cost

E3. Custom Dies to recreate images on spines with foil stamping

We rebound this set of books in new leather and created custom dies for the spines.  In the second photo of the red books, it is preferrable to make custom foil dies when there is so much detail in the images to be recreated.

To get the foil image on the black book spine, we first scanned an image from the front cover, reduced its size and came up with a custom die. We included the customer's name in the custom die so that it stamped as one image.

F. Signatures: Foil stamp a signature with a Custom Die

Hot foil stamping of signatures is easy with the creation of a custom die.  These can e foil stamped into the front cover or on the spine.

G1. Business logos on products using hot foil stamping and blind debossing

We can take any business logo and create a custom die for hot foil stamping or blind debossing.

This "Going for Growth" design has 4 different custom dies.  The first is an image of a branch that is blind debossed into the left side of the binder.   Another custom die was created for the top right portion of the binder for a logo and the "bhp billiton" name and text.  Toward the bottom, the "Going for Growth" text was from another custom die in gold and the bottom text was from a fourth custom die using block lettering and a different shade of gold foil.

We created a die for the semicircle image and hand stamped the name below in foil

H. Luggage Tags in Hot Foil or Blind Debossed


"Thank you for rebinding my study bible.  Your suggestion of adding my name under my grandmother's name was a great idea. I will be passing this bible on to my newborn grand baby! I hope she receives as much joy and light as I have.  Bless you." Janice