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Make a book with our bookbindery with years of experience in creating custom books

We can make a book by taking your existing printed materials and bind them into a beautiful custom book.

love letters bound into a book

We can make a book by taking your "flash drive" or send us an electronic file.  We can print and bind the pages into one or more custom books.

Fritz Lanham personal writings

Click on one of the links below and let us show you what we can do.  If you want to see a video on how we create custom books, go to Make a Book Video.  To see how we can personalize any custom book, please see our Hot Foil Stamping page.

Personal Journals

Personal Journals bound into a book

Animal Books

Bird book hot foil stamping gold text on spine

Childrens Books

Children's books and milestone books


Journals for Susan Komen Foundation

Journals for Susan Komen Foundation

Safari Books

Safari and Big Game Hunting Books

Make a Book projects: What can we create for you?

At Bella Becho we often receive inquiries about creating custom books.  Our bookbindery has the flexibility and the creativity to help!

Using our bookbindery techniques, we can create:


Steps in a bookbinding process: 

Virtually any printed design, logos or graphic art can be incorporated into a project.  Customers have extraordinary flexibility in creating their own personalized projects.

Here are some images and video of how we made a beautiful custom album for a customer who asked us to make a book of her child's art and school work.

Hand sewing the pages

This is a custom bindery project that required hand sewing of pages. There are different methods of binding. Our preferred method is hand sewing.

Inserting the book block into the hydraulic cutter for trimming

Pages are trimmed in the hydraulic cutter.  This cutter can apply thousands of pounds of pressure for a uniform cut with a sharp blade.

The cut is made and trimmings removed

After the cut, the trimmings are removed.  Sides will be trimmed.

Special dedication page

Special dedication page containing the title and personal message that can be printed and bound into a book.

Leather cover trimmed to size.

Leather cover trimmed to size.  There are many types of coverings available for albums and books.  Just ask!

Industrial adhesive applied with special machine

An industrial adhesive is applied using a special machine for even application.

Custom albums are hand made

Our custom books are handmade, not by a cookie cutter machine.  This means our albums have a great look and feel.

A foil machine with a custom die of a signature.

We scanned a handwriting sample to create a magnesium die for the foiling machine.  This machine can be fitted with a special custom die of a logo or a signature.

Foiling an album with a custom die

The hot foil machine is prepared to stamp the silver foil with a beautiful custom touch!

We can use our binding process on virtually any other collection of photos, drawings, and writings.  We can create fabulous gifts combining pictures with paper products into any book.

Custom signature foil stamped on the book!

A custom signature is reproduced on the book!

Need help with some ideas?  Give us a call or come down to our Houston warehouse and see our book bindery in action!  We are here to help.


Thank you so much for the journal you created for our outgoing president. When she opened her gift, there were gasps from all the other ladies in the room. It was truly beautiful and so unique. The craftsmanship was perfect and the dedication page made this a gift she will treasure forever..."  Suzanne


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