Materials and Leathers

We offer several material options that we use in our Book Repair, Bible Rebinding, and Custom Books.

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New Top Grain Cowhide Selections

Top Grain Cowhide Selections

Goatskin Selections

Bonded Leather Selections


Cowhide is one of the best choices for new leather cover for any book or Bible.  It feels strong and looks elegant with a lusciously soft feel.  We like to use cowhides when our customers want to add their names or any foil art to the covers because these cowhides are excellent to use with hot foil stamping.


The finest vegetable tanned goatskin in the world sourced directly from Nigeria. Goatskin is known for its durability and better hot foil stamping surface.

Bonded Leather

Our bonded leathers are a great choice because they look, feel, and smell like genuine leather at a lesser cost.  This is because they are tannery made by a manufacturer producing this product on the same equipment as their genuine leather. The cowhide fibers used to make bonded leathers are from the tanning process when hides are brought to a uniform thickness. The fibers bond with natural latex on unique machinery. As a result, the products are soft and smooth with a true fine leather aroma.  Many of our clients rebind with these products as the new cover materials.

Colors and textures are virtually unlimited.  Our bonded leather is among the very best in the industry and is an excellent less expensive option for our customers when rebinding with a new cover.

Exotic Skins

We are experience in working exotic skins for rebinding and other custom projects, including python, crocodile, specialty goatskin, alligator, deer, ostrich, lizard, stingray, and zebra.  We can source them, or if you have an exotic skin that you want to use, please let us know!

Faux Skins

We have other skins that are "faux skins" that look like snake, python, crocodile, lizard, zebra and more.


"Restored two WW2 ship year books. They took the soft cover and made a hard back. Bound it, and embossed lettering on front. Great job."Robert Brown (Google 5 Star Review)