Memorial Books and Tribute Books celebrate the life of friends, family or loved ones

We can help you design, print and bind Memorial Books and Tribute Books

Memorial books or tribute books contain photographs, personal letters and stories that detail life accomplishments and relationships.

  • Initial Consultations. We consult with our client before starting Memorial Books or Tribute Books.  At this initial consultation, we brainstorm themes, ideas, and concepts.  We discuss book organization, content and photographs that clients may want to consider including as part of the project. We want to include important moments, stories, special memories or events.
  • Assistance with a project. Our staff can assist with all parts of the process, including organizing documents, creating layouts and graphic design services.  Our services are available at reasonable prices.
  • Numerous Options to Personalize.  As a full-service bookbindery, we can personalize exterior covers by foil stamping text, names, and images on covers.  We work with our clients to customize Memorial Books and Tribute Books in ways that are meaningful personal to the person being honored.
  • Short Run Printing Available: As a full-service bookbindery, we can print, bind and reproduce numerous volumes for distribution.  This is valuable when friends and family want a copy.

Personalize Memorial Books and Tribute Books with hot foil stamping

We create memorable Memorial Books.  The first brown Memorial and Tribute Book above was commissioned as a celebration of the life of Mr. Florescu, who was a well-known historian and philanthropist.  To accomplish this look, our bookbinders create a recessed middle section in the front cover and insert a special photograph flush with the cover.  The personal touch is the gold foil stamping to the front cover.

This brown album is a tribute book to honor an artist's life work.  The concept was to bind images of the artist's work.  Secondly, to complete the concept of the tribute book being a "work of art", we foil stamped the signature of the artist in gold foil on the front cover.

To do this, we obtain a copy of the artist's signature and using graphic design techniques, generate a signature image.  We take the image and modify it in the computer and make a stamping die.  We load this unique signature die into our foil stamping machine and press the die and golf foil into the front cover.  The result is a tribute book with a gold signature of the artist on the front cover...another work of art!  This beautiful and loving book is a son's tribute to his mother.

The white books are memorial books with an amazing story.  We were asked to create special tribute books containing a mother's personal handwritten letters to her children.  These old secret personal letters were discovered for the first time after the mother had passed away.  The letters conveyed personal reflections and were beautifully bound into several volumes for distribution.

Award-winning bindery with ideas for beautiful Memorial Books and Tribute Books

  • Award-winning Bindery. Our bookbindery has received awards from the Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast, Inc. as a recognized provider of quality finish work.  For example, In 2015, we received 3rd Runner Up Best of Show and won Best of the Digital Division at the Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast, Inc. 2015 Graphic Excellence Awards banquet.  The entry was called "A Life More Express" and was a very large commemorative book celebrating the life and history of former CEO Michael Weiss with Express, Inc.. To see this award and others, see Bindery Awards.


"Our Executives were very happy with the final product. No doubt, I will be giving you a call with future needs.
Thank you again for being so flexible."  Amanda