Music Score Binding with a new hardcover or saving existing sentimental covers

Music score binding loose pages or spirals into a beautiful hardcover book

We can convert spiral bound or loose bound music scores into a beautiful hardcover book.   We have a full selection of goatskin, cowhide plonge, bonded leather and much more.  See Options and Extras to see all of the possibilities, including foil stamping and ribbons.

Music score binding saves sentimental Music Covers

This Masterpieces of Piano Music came to us heavily taped with a torn flimsy paperback cover.  The pages had separated, were falling out and the spine was missing.  The Musician wanted to save the original cover because her mother had played from this book and it was sentimental to her.  We created a frame "well" and inserted the original cover into the recessed well.  The pages were sewn together and bound into a durable hardcover ready for the Carnegie Stage!

Personalize any Music score binding with custom foil stamping

Preserve valuable musical scores and songs into a hardcover book.  As full-service bookbinders, we can offer page repair with Japanese tissue and many ways to personalize the volume, including hot foil stamping.  We can create custom dies of any signature for a personal touch.


"...thank you for sending the links for the optimized files for the book. They look very good and the rebinding job on the physical book is superb. The owner of the book will be pleased. I'm very satisfied and enjoyed working with you and your staff on this project." Mary