Photos of books by author known as "Quimby" before shipped to customer

Here are photos of the outside covers of the books by the author "Quimby" and the interiors as they appeared on November 16, 2023 (immediately before they were shipped by Bella Becho to customer).  These are beautiful top grain cowhide covers with custom foiling on spine with a replica of a signature.  This is how they appeared after we resolved the minor typo for the word "Writings" on the spine.  No visible issues with interiors.  Click image for closer view.

The customer posted this first picture of the typo relating to the word  "Writings" that he attached to the review.  We resolved the issue by redoing the spines.  The second photo is a close up of the spine that shows the correct spelling.  We sent these corrected books to the customer.

One of the other photos in the review shows a large separation gap with glue between the book block and the end sheets and photos that show large visible holes in the center of the pages.  Our photos do not show any separation, gap or pages with visible holes when shipped.

We believe that the end sheet separation reflected in the photo happened after we shipped the book as a result of someone pulling the end sheet away from the book block.

It is possible that after we shipped the books, the cover may have been inadvertently bent backwards too far, exposing the stitching holes.  This could also occur if someone was bending the cover trying to get the pages to lay flatter.

We asked to inspect the books so we could figure out what happened to them and effectuate a resolution.  As to the interior, the issue could have been simply broken threads or loose stitching, which regardless of how it occurred, could be easily fixable.  If it was caused by Bella Becho there would be no cost to this customer.  We stand behind our work.

We would have appreciated the opportunity to resolve the interior issue.  We regret any inconvenience to this customer and regret that he did not have a typical Bella Becho experience.  We wish him the best of luck.