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Price List for Options and Extras

All Options and extras on this page reflect pricing when purchased along with any Rebinding, Restoration, Repair or Make a Book services.  The only stand alone service is foil stamping and blind debossing.

1. Upgraded "Well' method repair and corners

A.  "Well" method upgrade:  $76.00 per side
B.  Corners:  $36.00

2. Material upgrades

A.  Sokoto Goat Skin upgrade:  $86.00

B.  River Grain Goat Skin upgrade:  $86.00

C.  Cowhide Plonge upgrade:  $67.00

D.  Cowhide Metallic Plonge upgrade:  $67.00

3. Ribbons

A.  Up to 3 Ribbons:  Free

4. Foil Stamping and Debossing

Hot Foil Stamping name, text, images and rule lines

A.  Name or text on front cover or spine or interior fly sheet:  $12.00 per line *

B.  Name or text on interior fly sheet:  $12.00 per line *

C.  "In-House" specialty images on cover or spine:  $15.00 per image**

D.  "In-House" specialty images on spine:  $15.00 per image**

E.  Foil stamp Rule Lines on the spine:  $14.00***

F.  Custom stamp dies:  call for price

Deboss name, text, images and rule lines

G.  Deboss name or text on cover or spine:  $12.00 per image*

H.  Deboss Images on cover or spine:  $15.00 per image**

I.   Deboss rule lines on spine: $14.00***

NOTES:  All Foil stamping and blind deboss pricing above is when purchased with any Rebinding, Restoration, Repair or Make a Book Services.

Stand alone services:

* Name or text is $26.00 per line as a stand alone service.

**"In house" images are $32.00 per image as a stand alone service.

***Rule lines are $30.00 as a stand alone service.

5. Spine Bands

A.  Raised Spine Bands:  $36.00 per book

6. Genealogy Page Inserts (Marriage, Birth and Death pages)

A.  Custom "In-house" Birth, Marriage or Death page inserts (choose Option A,B,C or D):  $65.00 per book

7. End Sheets Upgrades (Standard is ivory, white and black cover stock paper)

A.  Coordinating bonded leather  End Sheets (determined by bookbinder):  $36.00

($72.00 for Extra Large books or Bibles)

B.  Aged Light Parchment End Sheets:  $15.00

C.  Aged Dark Parchment End Sheets: $15.00

D.  Custom Scanned End Sheets: $45.00

E.  Marble End Sheets: $45.00

F.  Floral End Sheets: $45.00

G. Religious Image End Sheets: $45.00

H. Cook Book End Sheets: $45.00

I.  Silk Moire End Sheets: $65.00

J. Graphic Design and Reprint Original End Sheets:  call for price

8. Torn Page Repair and Page Preservation

A.  Japanese Tissue Repair:  $12.00 per page

($26.00 per page for larger books and Bibles)

B.  Other page repair:  $8.00 per page

C.  Custom Repair Services: $45.00 per hour

9. Research and Replace pages for severely damaged or missing pages

A.  Research and Replace Service:  $45.00 per hour

10. Leather Cover Treatments

A.  Leather Conditioning:  $36.00

B.  Leather Sealant:  $26.00

C.  Leather Conditioning & Sealant: $64.00

D.  Red Rot Treatment: $36.00

Prices referenced on this page are subject to change.  Final prices are sent after physical inspection of your book, Bible or item at our warehouse.


"The restored Bible arrived today and exceeded my expectations. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to those involved in the project."  

Regards,  Charlie

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