Reference Book Repair


Salvaging the unsalvageable

"Deborah and her team are nothing short of miracle-workers.

There aren't enough accolades to describe the restoration that they achieved with an heirloom 1935 Webster's Unabridged Dictionary that my father had as a child. Both the front cover and spine were torn off and gone. Several of the onion skin pages were torn. It had been on my parents and then, our shelves for half a century. We were prepared to throw it away because of its seemingly unredeemable condition.
And then, we discovered the artistry of Deborah and her team at Bella Becho.

Wow, what a transformation. They were able to formulate a new, custom cover and spine which perfectly replicated the original.

What had become a useless dust collector in one of our drawers has been transformed into a work of art in display on our living room Coffee.

Whatever your book restoration project may be. No matter how daunting you believe the project to be.
Just turn it over to the masters at Bella Becho.
You will be amazed at the results.
BRAVO Deborah!!"

Harvey & Linda Munsart