Create nearly identical Bible covers or repair images using modern technology with replicating bible exterior service

Our bookbindery replicates and reproduces nearly identical images, art and covers for customers

Many customers want new Bible exterior covers to look like their original Bible cover exterior. We use computer technology, graphic design and years of bookbinding experience to closely replicate and reproduce nearly identical hot foil images, art, and covers for Bibles.  We have some exciting solutions and the results are amazing!

Foil Stamp art or images can be closely reproduced

Here are a few examples of how our bookbinders use modern day technology to recreate foil stamped art.  In the example to the left, the gold foil image on the Bible cover was mostly lost.  To make this type of replication, our team scans and recreates images using graphic design and digital art techniques.

Scanning and recreating images with modern technology

Our bookbindery then takes the restored graphic design image and converts the image into a physical die which stamps the recreated image on the new Bible cover.  We offer numerous in-house dies for custom foil stamping.  We can also create virtually any custom die for any special projects.

Images on Bible Covers can be digitally enhanced to look brand new

This photo was badly damaged across the middle of the image on the original Bible cover, but with graphic design technology, we can reproduce the photo, but without most cracks and damage lines.  Almost brand new! 

Original Bible Covers can be closely replicated

This Bible had lost its spine and had a severely damaged cover.  After consultation, we recreated a similar two-toned look, right down to the matching black corners.  

replicating an original bible cover

Digitally capture any image for beautiful custom hot foil stamping

Our bookbinder digitally copied the requested image, and after some graphic design work was able to create a functional die for foil stamping the image to the spine of this Bible. 

Replicating an image with foil stamping (Scott Bible)

See the photo gallery below for other examples how we have combined technology and foil stamping to create beautiful replicated Bible covers.  Click on these images to view a larger view and detail.

Want a NEW cover?
Bible rebinding King James Bible with new cover

We have a large selection of leathers, skins and other materials to rebind your Bible with a beautiful NEW cover

Want to save your ORIGINAL exterior cover or spine?
Bible Restoration to replace missing Family Bible spine (Barton)

Our Bible Restoration service can save exterior covers and spines, even those with significant damage

Personalize your Bible

Hot foil stamp names, text or images.  We have "in-house" images or create your own custom die stamps.


"You have done a magnificent restoration. I would never have believed it was possible to restore our 63 year old treasured bible to its original condition, but you have done it. You even restored the torn and damaged page to its original condition with all of our family notes intact, just as we recorded them years ago. Our Bible looks and feels like new and will be enjoyed for several generations to come I am sure. Thank you Bella Becho." Richard