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Wedding Album Repair and Wedding Album Restoration

Wedding album repair and wedding album restoration services can resolve problems with exterior covers and interior bindings

Our wedding album repair service can replace sticky Art Leather Futura or Perma bound wedding album covers

Art Leather wedding albums that were made starting in the 1980s are now in need of wedding album repair because their covers are sticky.  Apparently, Art Leather received defective album cover material which is incorporated into its Perma Bound and Futura wedding albums.  Photographers sold hundreds of these Art Leather wedding albums.  Now years later, these wedding albums feel like they are sticky or melting.  We are your source for fixing sticky wedding album covers.

We can create a new wedding album cover for you that looks similar to the original.

Has heat or humidity damaged your wedding album? It may be time for a NEW wedding album cover

Here are some other examples of wedding albums that have been brought to us damaged or with sticky exteriors that makes it impossible to place this album on a table or your lap and enjoy turning the pages.  We removed these old covers and using bookbinding techniques, are able to give these cherished albums new beautiful and customized covers.   Adding names and dates in gold foil is just one of the personal touches to complete the album.

Vintage Photo Album Repair

Some vintage photo albums and wedding albums have thick covers made of wood or other materials.  We can repair these types of wedding albums.

Recreate the honeymoon

Click on the photo for a larger image and see the quality wedding album repair.

Plenty of selection in beautiful leather, skins and other materials for new covers

We are a full-service bookbindery offering a large selection of leathers, goatskin, cow plonge leather and other materials.  We can use virtually any of the materials we have at our production warehouse to make a new wedding album cover.

Recreating similar wedding albums using foil stamping

Wedding Album repair (Mary Anne Album)

Want to replicate your existing cover with a NEW cover?  Our bookbinders can replicate and reproduce nearly identical images, art, and covers.  For more examples of how we can replicate covers, see our Replicating Bible Exteriors page.  

Materials and options for Album Repair

Cow Plonge option for Bible Rebinding

Bella Becho has a large selection of leathers, skins, custom foil stamping, spine bands, custom end sheets, page repair and other extraordinary options that make our wedding album repair service special.  Since we are a full-service bookbindery, most of the same options that are available to our book and bible rebinding customers are also available here. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Wedding Album Restoration: Saving sentimental wedding album covers

As long as the outside wedding album covers are not sticky, you may want to save all or a portion of the front exterior album for sentimental reasons.   We can help in that regard and use several bookbinding techniques to incorporate your existing wedding album cover into a new cover.  Because the condition of each wedding album is different, we will need to inspect the album first and give you our recommendations.  Click on the photos for larger images.

Photo Album Repairs

It is not just Wedding Albums that need repair.  If you have any type of photo album that is falling apart, give us a call and let us see it.  Here we took a special album and saved a portion of the cover and incorporated it into a new cover.   Click on the photo for a larger image and see the cover repair.

Solutions for loose wedding albums pages

When your wedding album has broken apart at the bindings, you may find that all of the pages start coming loose.  We can reconstruct the bindings and reattach the pages using several techniques.  Your wedding album should have its pages looking like these.  Click on the photo for a larger image and see the quality wedding album repair.

Save an original and make a copy for friends or family

The album on the left was the original condition.  It was falling apart and the pages needed to be rebound.  We were able to save a substantial portion of the original cover and created a special cover that allowed the cover to be saved.  We were asked to make an additional album of photos and the second album was foil stamped on the cover.

Photo albums may need hinge repair

Most often, wedding albums also need some attention to the pages or the hinges.  Here we were able to rehinge the album to not only make it gorgeous but functional.


"Thank you for rebinding my study bible.  Your suggestion of adding my name under my grandmother's name was a great idea. I will be passing this bible on to my newborn grand baby! I hope she receives as much joy and light as I have.  Bless you." Janice


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