Wedding Album Repair - Restore damaged photo albums

Wedding album repair for Art Leather photo albums and other wedding albums. We also make our own line of new albums!

3 albums showing Our Wedding and foiling options

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Wedding Album Repair:

A. Art Leather albums (Perma Bound and Futura), Renaissance wedding album and other sticky or damaged wedding photo albums

B. Foil Stamping Options (Monograms, fonts, house foils)

C. Replacement brackets and spines

D. Video-How to remove your Art Leather photo pages before shipping to us.

E. Replacing Art Leather albums when you have the pages (but threw away the cover)

F. Vintage photo album repair or replacement- Post bound wedding albums and piano hinge style wedding albums

G. Saving sentimental wedding album covers using our "well" method

H. Other Photo Album repair- Flush Mount, Acrylic Insets, Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah

I. Piano Hinge repair

Make a new wedding Album

Bella MOD- new photo album with up to 25 thick pages.  Mats available

The Wedding Album Consultation

We want to have a consultation to discuss your project.  See some of the things we will discuss at the consult.

Repair and restore damaged or sticky Art Leather photo albums and other wedding albums

Art Leather wedding albums that were made starting in the 1980s are now in need of wedding album repair because their covers are sticky.  Apparently, Art Leather received defective album cover material which is incorporated into its Perma Bound and Futura wedding albums.  Photographers sold hundreds of these Art Leather photo albums.  Now years later, these wedding albums feel like they are sticky or melting.  We are your source for fixing sticky wedding album covers.

We can also repair any Renaissance photo album and GMB wedding photo albums that are damaged or sticky.

Art leather photo album repair and other sticky or damaged wedding albums

When we work on your Art Leather wedding album (or any Renaissance wedding album or other photo album), we will remove the sticky material on the cover.  After removal, we will wrap the album in a new cover material.

Top Grain Cowhide: We recommend that customers upgrade the new cover to top grain cowhide.  Having your album remade as a real leather wedding album makes the difference!

The entry level bonded leather is a manufactured product and does not contain the qualities and characteristics of real top grain cowhide.  It can be a good economical choice, but in our experience, it will not last as long as top grain cowhide under normal conditions.

Our top grain cowhide feels and looks great.  We have a large selection of cowhide leathers.  During our Consultation, we will go over these options in your favorite color.  We are constantly adding new cowhides to our collection.  Please see some popular wedding album leather colors below and New Top Grain Cowhide Selections.

Photo Cameo Tip: Have a photo picture on the outside cover of your wedding album?

Please do not try to remove the photo as it is easier for us to remove it and relocate it to the restored album.

Foil Stamping Options (Monograms, fonts, house foils) for wedding album repair

Foil stamp your names and dates:

Complete your wedding album repair by foil stamping your names and the date on the front cover.  Its a beautiful touch and reasonably priced.  If you send us your album cover, we can show you what looks best depending on the size of your album during the Consultation.  We can text images during the Consult!

"Our Wedding" stamp:

We have several "Our Wedding" stamps for the cover and the spine.  These are also reasonably priced "In-house" custom stamps.  Our most popular:

  • Our Wedding
  • Our Wedding Memories
  • Our Wedding Book

Many other stamp options available:

If you want something else, like initials or a different size stamp, just ask.  We have also have small hearts and decorative rule lines.  Most are priced at "in-house" pricing.  Getting your album the way you want it is part of our customer service.

Monogram your Wedding album with a custom die

Many albums were originally stamped with monogram initials.  If you want to virtually replicate these originals, we can help!

This process involves some graphic design services and the creation of a custom die.

We also create custom dies to virtually replicate the date in the same font that was originally on the cover. We can also do names.  It can be done!

Boxed Foil options for Art Leather wedding albums

Does your original album has a custom square "boxed" foil treatment on the front cover?  We created a few specialty covers to replicate this memorable look.  Let us know!

Recreating similar wedding albums using foil stamping

Pomegranate cowhide with Our Wedding Memories die

Want to replicate your existing cover with a NEW cover?  Our bookbinders can replicate and reproduce nearly identical images, art, and covers.  For more examples of how we can replicate covers, see our Replicating Bible Exteriors page.  It is a similar process.

Replacement brackets and spines

We have a large selection of replacement Art leather brackets in black or white/ivory. These brackets hold the wire pages.

Some albums will require a new wood spine to be included with the new brackets if the original is the version with the uni-body plastic spine.

Send us your sticky or damaged wedding album- Video how to remove pages with photos

We receive calls from customers wanting to remove their photos from their damaged Art Leather Perma Bound or Futura wedding albums before shipping them to us.  Here is how!

Replacing a wedding album when you have the pages (but threw away the cover).

Did you throw away the sticky or damaged cover but kept the photo pages with the pictures?  No problem!  We can create a new wedding album cover for those Art Leather pages.  See us for more details. It will be better than the original.

Here are some other examples of wedding albums that have been brought to us damaged or with sticky exteriors that makes it impossible to place this album on a table or your lap and enjoy turning the pages.  We removed these old covers and using bookbinding techniques, are able to give these cherished albums new beautiful and customized covers.   Adding names and dates in gold foil is just one of the personal touches to complete the album.

F. Vintage wedding album repair for post bound wedding albums and piano hinge styles

Post bound Vintage Photo Album Repair

Piano Hinge Wedding Album Repair

Some vintage photo albums and wedding albums have thick covers made of wood or other materials.  We can repair these types of wedding albums.

Saving sentimental wedding album covers using our "well" method

As long as the outside wedding album covers are not sticky, you may want to save all or a portion of the front exterior album for sentimental reasons.   We can help in that regard and use several bookbinding techniques to incorporate your existing wedding album cover into a new cover.  Because the condition of each wedding album is different, we will need to inspect the album first and give you our recommendations.  Click on the photos for larger images.

Flush Mount Wedding Albums, Acrylic Insets and Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah wedding album repair

Piano Hinge wedding album repair and restoration

Some wedding albums need attention to the pages or the hinges.  Here we were able to re-hinge the album to not only make it gorgeous but functional.

When your wedding album has broken apart at the bindings, you may find that all of the pages start coming loose.  We can reconstruct the bindings and reattach the pages using several techniques.  Your wedding album should have its pages looking like these.  Click on the photo for a larger image and see the quality wedding album repair.

Photo Album Repairs

It is not just Wedding Albums that need repair.  If you have any type of photo album that is falling apart, give us a call and let us see it.  Here we took a special album and saved a portion of the cover and incorporated it into a new cover.   Click on the photo for a larger image and see the cover repair.

Save an original and make a copy for friends or family

The album on the left was the original condition.  It was falling apart and the pages needed to be rebound.  We were able to save a substantial portion of the original cover and created a special cover that allowed the cover to be saved.  We were asked to make an additional album of photos and the second album was foil stamped on the cover.

Make a New Wedding Album


The Bella MOD- new photo album

0.05" thick with black pages (up to 25 pages)

Self stick mats available in 12 orientations


  • Spine bands
  • Decorative foil rule lines
  • Variety of foil stamping for spine and cover
  • Silk Moire (Black, Ivory, Platinum)

The Wedding Album Repair CONSULTATION: After we receive your album

During the consultation, we may discuss:

  1. Cover options.
  2. Silk moire and other interior panels.
  3. Foiling options, including names, anniversary dates, in house dies and other possible custom dies (monograms)
  4. Options to save existing covers
  5. Spine Treatments
  6. Photo cameos.
  7. Interior brackets or other mechanisms
  8. Mats and pages (if applicable)
  9. Other accessories, including aged parchment sheets and other items that relate to the album.
  10. Anything else you want to discuss!
Wedding couple

Another very satisfied customer - Wedding Album

"Every aspect and step along this process of replacing our very sticky, unusable and 32 yr old wedding album was perfect.

The feel of a family run business started on the 1st phone call. They helped us choose the color and replacement material.

When the new album arrived we were tickled and extremely pleased. Would recommend Bella Becho to anybody. You will be very happy with the choice."

Scott McKechnie

Album repair experience

"I recently (Jan 2020) had my album repaired. It had a covering that had turned sticky and it seems there was a history of this occurring with this album from 1983. Bella Becho company made it so easy for me to send my album from Indiana to Texas and order a repair of my album.

Staff at Bella Becho were so polite and clear in their instructions. I really appreciate this because I was nervous about sending my wedding album off to Texas. My new repaired album is exactly the way that I ordered it and I am 100% satisfied and highly recommend this company to everyone."

Carol Petro, Indianapolis, Indiana

Wedding Album Cover

"Wow, I love the new cover on my wedding album! I’ve been married for 36 years and when I saw the condition the cover was in a few months ago I had tears in my eyes. I had no idea what to do and who to turn to.

So glad I found Bella Becho. Such a helpful and professional company with genuine, kind employees. Great recommendations and put my trust in a company with my only photos of my wedding and have to be honest and say I was a little reluctant; but after speaking with Deborah and her staff I was put at ease. Thank you for giving our wedding album a beautiful life-long cover that I am so happy with!"

Janice Chamberlain

Restoration of parent's wedding album

"Our mother told her 5 children that she wanted one thing for their 60th wedding anniversary; her wedding album restored. We said sure, but truly had no idea where to even go to have the book restored. I googled book restoration and Bella Becho popped up. I reviewed their website and thought, this is just what we need.

I contacted Bella through their website explaining the issues with the album and uploaded pictures of it. I was contacted by Deborah and had a delightful conversation about the restoration process and cost. We had about 2 months to get the project completed and Bella did not let us down. We presented the album to our parents last weekend, and they were so pleased. They spent a lot of time going through each page and telling us who everyone was in the pictures. Thank you Bella Becho for helping these 5 children fulfill their parent's 60th wedding anniversary wish!"

Rita Mathews, St. Louis, Missouri

Replacement Wedding Album

"I had a great experience getting my daughters Wedding Album cover replaced. Debbie was friendly informative and helpful. I received the album in the time period that I was quoted and was very pleased with the finished product. I recommended Bella Becho to my neighbor who had the same issues with her wedding album. I'm sure that you will be hearing from her. I am so pleased that I will be able to present the new album to my daughter and son-in-law for their 30th wedding anniversary.

I can't thank you enough."

Linda Kendall